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Refund and Returns Policy

We, cultivate our objectives and vision to optimize the level of service delivery to customers without giving priority to the personal interest of the management of our company. We maintain clarity and fairness in creating our “refund and cancellation policy”. If you are dissatisfied with our products, please move for return your ordered products in the original box to our given street address. We will replace or refund you as soon as possible

Refunding and order cancellation are important phases of the online transaction. We never want any hassle to deliver our products ordered by customers. Our brand company has a valid license to run the business. If you get the wrong product from our end, we will try to replace it immediately, or we also agreed to reimburse you in the event of getting a message from you to refund. We strictly follow Indian laws applicable to refund and cancellation policy. We want to facilitate customers as much as we can to ensure a smooth transaction. Therefore, call us or send a message to us for product return and order cancellation within 24 hours of the delivery. We have a powerful online customer care unit for assisting customers in this connection. Customers can WhatsApp us (WhatsApp no-) for product replacement/refunding/cancellation.

Return Policy

We define ” return” as the act of giving back or returning the particular damaged products to Shahi Laboratories in special cases (such as wrong product/defective item in a damaged condition/missing item in the box/packet not containing the original main product). You can return the product which you have ordered on our site.

In case, the product sent by us does not match the specific item you selected on our inventory online, we are liable to either replace or refund within the legal framework. However, we are not responsible to refund if you choose the wrong product at the time of making an online purchase on our e-commerce portal. Maybe, the color of our products on the site may be varied or slightly different depending on the system/display monitor unit you use. Therefore, kindly go through reviews, and check the product list and features on our site before placing the order on our website.

Modified Rules Applicable to Return Policy

In the event of getting the wrong product, you have to email/call us within 24 hours after the delivery. In the event of receiving missing items, we are committed to shipping the right product sooner after being confirmed by our operational management team and product scanning department. If you want to cancel your order, we must reimburse you. However, we will deduct 10 percent as a processing charge before refunding. We are not committed to bearing shipping costs when you return the product.

In case, processing fees exceed, we will certainly update you. All returned products must be sent in the original box with the invoice. Customers have to mention the correct street address for the perfect product shipment. We only refund after getting the product from your end. In the event of giving us the wrong address/mobile no/ and personal details during the purchase, we are not responsible.

Cancellation By Us

We can cancel orders at any point in time if we feel it is urgent for preventing theft/fraudulence/and piracy. Therefore, we should go through our refund and cancellation policy before any final transaction online.

Cancellation by You

You can also take the decision to cancel your orders at any time by emailing us before the product is dispatched. In case, you need to cancel orders after the shipment, follow the guidelines to contact our representatives for a solution.

Contact Us

If you need more details, contact us by sending a message at our street address. Our email address is for texting. My whatsapp number is 07060725050