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Our, the brand Ayurvedic company, is strictly committed to protecting data/ personal information shared by you. We put emphasis on privacy maintenance for security purposes. We keep the confidentiality of customers. We explain how our management collects, shares, and protects personal data/information to maintain individual privacy. Our services include the main e-commerce website, all online products for sale on our inventory, database, articles, surveys, newsletters, webinars, analytical reports, etc. By registering at our website, you accept our privacy policies and services including new amendments to our privacy policies.

Legal Purpose for Data Processing

Shahi Laboratories company provides necessary updates and current information by emailing our newsletters. In that case, we need your personal information to communicate.

While conducting online surveys and research for more customer retention, and research/marketing, maybe we will use your personal data in such a way that it will not violate Indian laws applicable to online marketing. It will be in pursuit of our legitimate marketing interests. It will be in compliance with Indian marketing laws as well.

In case, you ask us to add your name to the mailing list, we may provide information to a third party like Mailchimp including your personal information to manage newsletters and mailing lists to enable you to have our newsletters on time.

In the event of having the least interest to collect our newsletters and current updates, you are allowed to opt for our “unsubscribe” feature which must be visible on the email sent by us.

Sometimes, you will receive promotional codes, discount vouchers, and updates from our reliable third-party agents/suppliers/legal contractors.

Methods of Data Sharing

We have no ill purpose in sharing any type of your personal details with third-party clients/agents/suppliers for their own direct marketing interests.

Instead, we may use and share your information as follows

  • We share information with our trusted third party whom we are legally bound to do data sharing.
  • With the reliable organization/agency/company which you represent upon their request
  • With the company after getting your legal consent
  • We may share your personal information with the government regulatory body after getting a court order for speeding up the investigation and legal inquiry to control fraudulence.
  • For preventing theft, fraudulence, pilferage, and piracy, we may opt for the disclosure of your personal data if required for the sake of maintaining fairness in transactions and removing all sorts of cybercrime.
  • The session data may contain an IP address automatically depending on the type of browser you use like Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Internet Explorer. This automated session data are not considered to be a part of personal information. This anonymous information is basically accumulated and curated automatically through a pixel tag which is extensively used by 99 percent of brand websites.

How We Obtain Personal Information?

  • When you register your name on our site to have a valid account to get access to for having the services
  • When you intend to get newsletters and new updates from our end.
  • Our e-commerce site is also connected with a number of top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and Linkedin. Maybe, you have an active account to use these social media platforms. We acknowledge the receipt of your personal information ( such as your first and last name; email address, mobile/landline number, street address, age, gender, date of birth, and personal interests-related information). In that case, you need to check the social media sites and read the Privacy Policy pages.

Modification to Our Privacy Policy

As per our legal requirements and urgency, we can change or modify our privacy policy. You are requested to cross-check our privacy policy page periodically to have new updates or changes made by us to reset our privacy policy page on our website.

Your regularity in the usage of our services or continued communication with us after necessary changes to the privacy policy web page on the site are taken as legal consent which must constitute your acceptance of our updated privacy policy.

Contact Us

For removing any doubt regarding the changes to the privacy policy, you are at liberty to send a text message/email us. Our email address is can also write to us with your problems/issues using our street address. Our street address is Kazijadgan, Ragib Nagar, CPS – 246725.