Vapsh Care Cream 50gm (Pack of 2)

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A  blend of natural herbs including Gambhari, Majufal, Babul, Jaiphal, Satavari, Vidarikand, and Olive Oil etc.


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Aloevera Aloe Barbadensis 300mg
Gambhari Gmelina Arborea 200mg
Majuphal Quercus Infectoria 200mg
Vacha Acorus Calamus 100mg
Moch Rus Mombox Malabaricum 100mg
Ashwaganadha Withania Somnifera 150mg
Shatavari Asparagus Racemosus 250mg
Vidarikand Pueraria Tuberose 100mg
Methi Triganella Foenumgraceum 50mg
Saunf Foeniculum  Vulgare 50mg
Malakangni  Oil Celastrus Paniculatus 10%
Badam Tel Prunus  Amygdalus 10
Til Oil Sesamum Indicum 20%
White Petroleum Jelly q.s.

How to use?

Apply 2-3 gm cream on the skin of affected organs and massage upwards gently or as directed by the physician.

1 review for Vapsh Care Cream 50gm (Pack of 2)

  1. Seema

    I used this cream with capsules. I got visible results within one month. I am really happy with this product.

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