Go Fat Cure Ras 500ml Lose Weight Naturally (Pack of 2)


Additional information


500ml x 2 U


Each 10ml contains

Virch Amla Garcinia  Indica 1200mg
Vilayati Imli Garcinia Cambogia 1200mg
Harad Terminalia Chebula 600mg
Tulsi Ocimum  Sanctum 300mg
Amla Emblica Officinalis 500mg
Ghee Kawar Aloevera 400mg
Nagarmoth Cyperus  Rotundus 300mg
Sonth Zingiber Officinale 300mg
Jeera Cuminum Cyminum 200mg
Sugandhbala Valeriana Wallichi 400mg
Patha Cissampelos Partira 300mg
Khas Andropogon Muricapus 400mg
Bahera Terminalia Belerica 400mg
Kundru Boswellia Serrata 400mg

How to use?

20-30ml twice a day after meals or as directed by the physician.


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