Go Fat Cure Capsules 3x10cap. Lose Weight Naturally (Pack of 2)



Shahi Laboratories product Go Fat Cure capsules is weight Loss Ayurvedic Medicine. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of holistic and purity-loving natural herbal products users. Go Fat Cure Capsule is formulated with the power of the best pure herbs like Green coffee ext, Green tea ext. And Vrikshamla ext. Shahi Laboratories Natural Herbal Formulas contain 100% pure natural and safe herbs with an optimum dosage of herbs and extracts as per ancient Ayurveda texts. The raw materials used in our formulation are ecologically grown or derived from natural wild habitats. Shahi Laboratories’ herbal products are manufactured in a GMP-certified licensed facility, with a focus on maintaining consistent quality and potency without batch-to-batch variation. The products are preservative-free, with no artificial colors, and no pesticides to keep them in their purest natural and safest form. Meticulously designed by Ayurveda experts. The blending ingredients work synergistically to provide all the essentials at the root level. Go, Fat Cure Capsule is a powerful formula made from Ayurvedic herbs. It works to burn fat in a natural way. It strengthens the digestive system, due to which food is digested well and it does not allow excess fat to accumulate in the body. Its special thing is that it does not have any side effects. It is totally safe and both men and women can consume it. It detoxifies the harmful substances in the body. Helps to make you beautiful and curvy without adversely affecting your body. While consuming it, it is necessary to follow the instructions written on the pack. By following those simple instructions you can get a fit and healthy body. I
Indications: Helps in obesity, Boosts immunity, cleanses the liver, reduces fatigue, improves digestion, and detoxifies the body

Additional information


3x10cap. x 2 U


Each capsule contains

Green Coffee Ext. Coffea arbica 250mg
Gree tea Ext. Camellia Sinensis 150mg
Vrikshamla Ext. Garcinia Cambogia 100mg

How to use?

1-2 capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician.


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