Amrit Kuf Ds Syrup 100ml for Cold, Cough & other Respiratory Infections


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Helpful in Whooping cough, Allergic Bronchitis, Smoker Cough, Tonsillitis, Rhinitis, Cold & cough, and Mild to moderate Chest infections.

Additional information


100ml x 4 U


Each 10 ml contains

Lasoda Cordiamyxa 200mg
Unnav Zizyphus Vulgaris 200mg
Mulethi Glycyrrhiza  Glabra 200mg
Vans Lochan Bambusa Arundinacea 100mg
Anar Chhilka Punica Granatum 100mg
Jatamansi Nardostachya Jatamansi 100mg
Vasaka Adhatoda Vasica 300mg
Gulbanfsha Viola Odorata 100mg
Tulsi Ocimum Sanctum 300mg
Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia 200mg
Dashmool Classical Prepration 300mg
Triphala Classical Prepration 100mg
Saunth Zingiber Officinalis 200mg
Jufa Hissopus Officinalis 100mg
Kanthkari Solanum Surattense 100mg
Amaltas Cassia Fistula 100mg
Kapoor Cinnamomum Camphora 5mg
Pudina Mentha Spicata 5mg
Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza Glabra 200mg
Somlata Ephedra Gerardiana Wall 100mg
Shudh Madhu Honey 1.5ml

How to use?

10 ml thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


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