Ston O Rin Syrup 200ml (Pack of 2)



May help to crush, dissolves, and flushes the stone out of the urinary tract. Especially helpful for persons with predisposing factors like low urine output, high mineral content in the diet, and urinary crystalloid-colloid imbalance. Relieves burning micturition and prevents calculogenesis. Regular use of ‘Ston O Rin’ helps to keep the kidney and urinary tract flushed and working at optimum efficiency.

Additional information


200ml x 2 U


Each 10ml. contains

Baruna/Varuna Crataeva Nurvala Buch-Ham 350mg
Charela/Saileya Parmelia Perlata (Huds.) Ach. 350mg
Chhuimui/Lajauni Mimosa Pudica Linn. 75mg
Daruhaldi Berberis Aristata DC 50mg
Dhak/Palash Butea Monosperma (Lam.) Kun 100mg
Gokhru (Small) Tribulus Terrestris Linn. 400mg
Kakmachi/Makoya Solanum nigrum Linn. 125mg
Kheera Cucmis Sativus Linn. 100mg
Kulathi/Kurathi Dolichos Bifloras Linn. 350mg
MuLi Raphanus sativus Linn. 125mg
Silabheda/Pashan Bhed Berginia Ligulata wall 75mg
Punarnava Boerhaavia Diffusa Linn. 450mg
Svarjikshara Sodium Bicarbonate 40mg
Sheetal chini Piper cubeba Linn. 75mg
Sendha Namak Rock Salt 50mg
Talmakhana/Ikshu Hygrophila Spinosa T. Anders 450mg
Shilajit Asphaltum 17.5mg

How to use?

10-20 ml thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


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