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Ston O Rin KFT for Kidney’s health


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Ston O Rin KFT is a potent nephroprotective formulation. It helps to protect kidneys from nephrotoxins, including oxidative damage induced by lead acetate, Helps to bring the creatinine and urea level in the blood to a healthy level.

It has nephroprotective, depurative and diuretic properties. In addition, it also improves appetite, removes toxins from the blood, increases urine output and rejuvenates the kidneys.

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200 ml x 2 U


Punarnava, Ikshu, Kasni, Makoy, Giloy, Kamal Kakdi, Palash pushp, Gokshru, Kamal, Sirisa, Lalchandan, Haridra, Sigru, Varun, Chharaila, Revand chini, Kakri beej, Sarpunkha, Papita, Sheetal chini, pineapple, Lauki, Dhania, Amla, Swet parpati.

How to use?

10 ml thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


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