Shahi Supari Pak 100gm for Leucorrhoea


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Shahi Supari Pak is a nutritive tonic that helps in providing strength to the uterus. It is an Ayurvedic remedy for balancing the healthy production of female hormones. It helps to revitalize the female reproductive system post-delivery and cures leucorrhoea. It relieves weakness, headache, backache, facial paleness, and anemia.

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Each  5gm contains

Puga 1.28gm Vamsa 6.04mg
Godhrat 0.64gm Lavang 17.06mg
Badam Majja 37.03mg Pipli mool 17.06mg
Pista Majja 37.03mg Safed chandan 6.04mg
Darkasha 37.03mg Jeera 8.53mg
Kapoor 10.66mg Binora majja 17.06mg
Tajovati 4.06mg Dhanyaka 17.06mg
Tejpat 4.26mg Talis patra 17.06mg
Musta 4.26mg Utpatla 10.66mg
Pudina 4.26mg Samgatka 51.20mg
Khuravshani Mavani 4.26mg Shatavari 51.20mg
Ala 4.26mg Nagkeshar 51.20mg
Pipli 4.26 Khima Beej 59.43mg
Mirch 6.04 Shakkr 1.28gm
Jayphal 6.04mg Honey 1.28gm
Javitri 6.04mg    

How to use?

5-10 gm twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician.


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