Shahi Badam Pak 100gm Keep Body Active and Energetic


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Shahi Badam Pak contains several dietary and herbal ingredients, with almonds (badam) being the key ingredient. It helps to keep the body active and energetic, improves mental and physical endurance, and provides strength and energy. It reduces common viral and bacterial infections.


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Each 5gm. contains :

Badam Giri 1.53gm Tejpat 94.1mg
Ras Sindoor 47.08mg Choti Elachi 94.1mg
Godhrut 189.12mg Vidharikand 94.1mg
Sugar 3.04mg Kaunch Beej 94.1%
Kesar 94.1mg Safed Musli 94.1mg
Javtri 94.1mg Khrenti ke beej 94.1mg
Jaiphal 94.1mg Samal mishri 94.1mg
Sonth 94.1mg Shatavar 94.1mg
Mirch 94.1mg Kamal gatta 94.1mg
Papal 94.1mg Bans Lochan 94.1mg
Long 94.1mg Bang Bhasma 23.54mg
Dalchini 94.1mg Parval pishti 18.83mg

How to use?

5-10 gm twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician.


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